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What is the Most Common Injury in Personal Injury Cases

There are a plethora of different personal injury accidents every year all over the country. However, some incidents are simply more common than others. In a state and city like New York, some of these accidents can triple in occurrences. Learn why some fatalities stay rare, while others top the charts every single year.

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Why Are Personal Injury Cases in New York Different?

The State of New York can be more than an exception when it comes to personal injury cases. Elements like the Statute of Limitations, No-Fault Benefits, and Wrongful Death family claims all make an astounding difference in legal suits. For example, New York government agencies are no longer immune from personal injury claims.

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car accidents at night

Are Personal Injury Accidents More Common at Night?

Considering how much less traffic there is during nightfall, it can be surprising to find out how dangerous driving or walking at night can be. In fact, there are three times as many accident fatalities after dark. This article will help you find out why it becomes so perilous to drive afterhours and learn how to best avoid collisions.

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